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Why is it better to buy made in France products when you come in Paris ?

Until the end of the 80’s, when we went in a clothing store in France, there was no surprise it was made in France. It was normal, acquired, we didn’t check the labels. Most of the major brands (Levi’s, Adidas, etc…) manufactured in France. At that time, there were thousands of local brands. 

We didn’t realize how lucky we were.

Today, after 30 years of torpor, delocalization , deindustrialization and overconsumption, made in France is finally waking up ! 

And it’s not thanks to the big international fashion groups who continue to produce in Bangladesh, Pakistan or China and standardize fashion around the world.

Are you from NYC ? Denver ? LA ? may be Tokyo or Paris ? Same brands, same clothes all over the world made in the same sweatshops in Asia…

The made in France renaissance is possible thanks to consumers seeking products better for the environment, better for worker’ health and rights.

This renaissance is possible thanks to brands that have always struggled to maintain their activity in France, sometimes on the verge of peril, but always with the same determination and passion for local know-how.

This renaissance is possible thanks to young entrepreneurs in search of meaning who proudly and obviously dare to produce in France.

This renaissance is possible thanks to shops specializing in made in France products, which are the essential link between brands and consumers.

Today, in France, only 4% of our clothes are made in France.

It’s finally time to do better for the planet and to treat all workers with dignity.

Less is more and let’s consume with reason.


Next time you come to visit us in Paris, think outside the box ! Look for the little Eiffel Tower made locally (yes madame, monsieur, it exists !) rather than made in far from here. You can also bring back a jewel made in France, some clothes made in France or a decorative object made in France for your home. 

Greenwashing exists, frenchwashing too… So, please, don’t trust the colors on the products : blue, with and red doesn’t mean made in France, check always the labels ! 


In any case, at L’Appartement Français in Le Marais – Paris – France, you can find more than 400 products with the insurance of local and reasoned production. Since June, we propose a vintage clothes selection from the 80’s and the 90’s (of course made in France !).

Do not hesitate to walk through the door, we love to discuss about know-how, place of production and real brands stories (not story telling !). And if you need a nap, there is always an armchair in our little garden to rest you.


See you ! 

Article wrotten by David


L’Appartement Français 

27 rue du Bourg-Tibourg 75004 PARIS

Métro Hôtel de Ville 

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