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Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion

Stock up on warmth with our selection of clothes made in France for winter

Yes, summer is already far away! Even if the cold has lingered to show its nose, it is now time to make way for warmer clothes. It's time for us...

Yes, summer is already far away! Even if the cold has lingered to show its nose, it is now time to make way for warmer clothes. It's time for us to present to you our new products made in France, freshly arrived at L'Appartement Français.

Finally silence the expression "cold hands, warm heart", now thanks to L'Appartement Français you can have both warm.

We offer you several pieces made in France to create the perfect and very warm outfit. So, are you ready?

Step 1: the right big sweater

We start by telling you about Tricots Jean-Marc and Nitto Knitwear, its little sister, launched barely a month ago.

As for cardigans or sweaters, for women, you have the choice between a multitude of soft pastel colors in a large, soft knit that we love. They can be worn alone, with a t-shirt or a shirt.

For men, several types of knits and collars but only one quality wool: merino! In 2022, the turtleneck is definitely on the rise and that's good, we offer it to you in chocolate, navy, ecru, natural colors... You won't know where to turn and the choice will be difficult!

For those who are more cautious, we also offer a vest that weighs 1.2kg of wool! Clearly the little winter breeze will not touch an inch of your summer body!

Jean-Marc and Nitto knitwear has been a family affair since 1972. All the sweaters are made in Clamart (only 11 km from the store) and it is Melik who slowly takes over his parents' business by creating collections in tune with the times. Each model can be worn with jeans, for a comfortable and very trendy look or with pajamas to stay at home in front of a good film and a hot brew.

We also offer the B. Solfin brand, created in 1930. Each of the products is made in France in workshops a few kilometers from Caen, in Normandy. The knitwear is made from quality materials such as wool, cashmere and silk. You can find round necks, turtlenecks, V-necks, and even vests.

The icing on the cake is that the brand keeps each thread of each model so if you make a hole or if a moth passes through, don't worry, you just have to send it back so they can repair it.

We love this repair cycle which will give your sweaters a beautiful and long life.

Not enough choice? Ok ok, Montlimart is here for you! Men's sweaters in organic cotton or recycled fibers, most of them made in the West of France. From the cable, the round neck, the cardigan, you won't know where to turn!

Finally, if you want local wool, Maison Izard will delight you: wool from the Pyrenees knitted in Lourdes for production made in Pau. And here again the choice is offered to you: sweaters and overshirts, always in shades more beautiful than the others: ecru, pearl gray or green...

Step 2: the intertwining scarf

For a complete look with the arrival of cold weather, don't forget scarves made in France. At L'Appartement Français, we invite you to discover those of Maison Izard. Always made in France, made from wool from the Pyrenees, they will bring you warmth and softness, thanks to their rice stitch knit. Note that its length is 215 cm by 28 cm wide, enough to completely envelop you. They are available in light gray, ecru white, green and anthracite gray.

We also invite you to discover those from Nitto Knitwear: ecru, orange, navy, natural, burgundy, khaki, anthracite and brown, a beautiful color palette for maximum choice. Knitted on the English coast, it weighs only 380 grams, for absolute softness. A merino wool yarn from Italy for a scarf always made in France in Clamart!

Step 3: warm feet

We are totally in love with Royalties socks. All knitted in Haute-Vienne and made of cotton with animal, tartan or geometric patterns, in short, very English inspired! All you have to do is choose your model! For men and women alike, you will have a wide choice and for those who are more cautious, recycled wool socks have even appeared this year!

We also have those from Bonpied. A brand committed to made in France and solidarity. For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to the homeless. We forget a little too often that our clothing donations do not include socks which are essential for these men and women who so desperately need to have healthy feet.

Finally, we're going to talk again about the brand with the Chamois logo (yes Izard is a type of chamois!): the Izard house also offers its Pyrenees wool socks for perfect thermoregulation of your feet. They will stay warm all day long.

A difficult choice, isn't it?

Step 4: something to warm your head

We advise you to cover your head if you don't want to be cold this winter. And yes, this is most often where body heat escapes!

Maison Izard offers you hats made from 50% Pyrenees wool and a mixture of polyamide and cotton to maintain maximum softness. We offer light gray, ecru white, green and anthracite gray, always made in workshops in Pau.

Without forgetting Nitto Knitwear and its merino wool hats or Blanc Bonnet with its hats made from recycled jeans…

Step 5: keep your hands warm!

Sometimes you have to make difficult choices: keep your hands warm in woolen gloves or take out your handcuffs in the cold to tap on your cell phone...

Thanks to Montlimart, you can finally do both at the same time! These burgundy or gray men's gloves are tactile thanks to small metallic threads on the index and middle fingers.
Practical, right?

To close this article, if you are very, very cold, we advise you to adopt the onion technique: 3 layers. A first layer of linen, with a shirt from the Aatise brand for example, available at L'Appartement Français or with a t-shirt from the Splice brand. Note that linen is a very good thermoregulator because it keeps your body warm when temperatures are at their lowest. A second layer, with a woolen garment and the third layer could be a coat. We offer you this one from Aatise in upcycled wool made in France in Bordeaux.

Have a warm winter and made in France.

See you soon in store for fittings!

Article written by Lucie.


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