Le vintage / seconde main femme

Vintage/second hand for women

Vintage made in France for women with complete peace of mind!

At L'Appartement Français, we offer you a selection of vintage women's pieces from the 80s and 90s made in France. From the little floral dress to the trendy 80s shirt or the little wool jacket in pastel colors, you can express your style while being unique!

We hunt, freeze, wash and repair each of them in order to offer you real gems. To do this, we have a very strict process which consists of:

  • We source each piece with the greatest care, each garment must have the words “made in France” or “made in France”.
  • We freeze each vintage item of clothing for 2 days to eradicate any parasites (you can never be too careful). We then wash it in the washing machine, on a delicate program, so that it comes out clean with a sweet scent of laundry, to finish with an ironing session.
  • We finish with a repair step if necessary: ​​change a button, sew up a small corner….

In short, our goal is to offer you second-hand IM-PE-CCA-BLE women's clothing with the most beautiful stories!

You can now find a selection here, but know that in store, there are much more!

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