Our charter of commitments

Manifesto of the concrete, thinking about tomorrow

The next world will be made-in-local!

Enough is enough, it is no longer possible to ask for things to change without us changing anything as individuals. Economic crises, health crises, we always say that nothing will be the same as before. Yet if our habits are the same during the crisis as before, why would that change afterwards? We are all actors and responsible for the system, we must all be, in the future, a link in change.

Made-in-local players can no longer remain silent.

We say :

  1. Consuming locally is obvious wherever we are in the world. It's universal.
  2. Made-in-local is not a withdrawal into oneself. Made-in-local loves the whole world and it pays it back!
  3. Supporting made-in-local means supporting reasoned growth, good for our jobs and better for our planet and our health.
  4. Consume local yes and with real transparency and traceability! Down with Frenchwashing!
  5. The made-in-local product must be entirely built with quality elements and must last over time.
  6. Made-in-local requires effort for the producer, the manufacturer, for the brand, for the reseller and for the end customer.
  7. A fair price for fair compensation for all local stakeholders. A fair price to pay all taxes for the common good.
  8. Made-in-local goes against the grain of fast consumption in everything it does. It is virtuous and respectful of man, know-how, the environment and animals.
  9. We, citizens, women, men, have the power in each of our actions, our commitments, our purchases to change things for our good, for the good of our children, for the good of future generations, for the good of the planet.

If every French person consumed made in France 1 in 10 times, we would already be taking a big step in preserving our know-how and the sustainability of our jobs.

It's time. Now and together.