Clothing repair service

From October, L'Appartement Français will offer you a textile renovation and repair service.

Since it is a fitting return to basics to repair your precious clothes, it seemed essential to us that this service see the light of day.

Our collaboration will be with Tatina who has been working with us since January and already makes your hems on demand in store.

Tatina completed a CAP couture blur and a BP couture at the French Fashion Institute in Paris.

Passionate about the style and history of clothing, she is constantly looking for solutions through sewing to improve humanity and the environment.

Her teacher, Mrs Corina Spreng, told her at the time: “Tatina, sewing is a profession of the heart, everything shows through your work”. Since then, she has taken care of her heart to give the best of herself.

Since then, T atina collaborates with artists, artisans and boutiques who share her state of mind. We are lucky to have met her and to be able to put all her commitment to the service of your clothes.

How to recognize the hands of a seamstress according to Tatina?

"The fingers are more or less muscular depending on a tailor's or fuzzy hand. The nails are filed so as not to damage the fabric, the tips of the fingers are often damaged by pins. The pads of the fingers are thick from friction with the fabric. If the seamstress works with light and flowing fabrics, her fingers will be longer, if the canvas is thick, the fingertips will be much more muscular.