Get out the tissues, all the vintage men's and women's clothing you'll see on this page has been sold.

Whether it's the iconic 1986 Reebok tracksuit made at the time in France or the little Cotton Square top to die for, it's certain, you'll regret not having found them before everyone else!

We put time and love into finding the vintage clothing made in France that will join our store: ensuring its quality and French manufacturing. And it’s not always easy, we assure you!

We love to invent stories for each item of clothing: who did it belong to? What adventures could he have experienced? When was it made? Why does the brand no longer exist today?

Each vintage collection that we integrate is designed: preppy, floral, casual chic, 80's, according to the seasons, the spirit of the times and what also makes us tick.

Each antique piece is unique, in a single size and must meet the person who will adopt it for many years. And there are often “matches”! So if you are looking at our vintage selection for men and women and a piece of clothing catches your eye, don't wait too long, because it is certain, it will find a buyer quickly!

Find here some themes of vintage clothing made in France, immediately put on a hanger, immediately worn, to the delight of the new owners!

The vintage women's "English garden" collection.

Immerse yourself in a world of softness and romance with our collection of vintage women's clothing inspired by the English garden. Let yourself be seduced by delicate floral prints, elegant cuts and soft shades that evoke vegetation, flowers and bucolic landscapes. Whether you're looking for a breezy dress for a sunny day or a refined blouse for a romantic evening, our collection invites you to soak up the natural beauty and poetic inspiration of the English garden.

The vintage women's collection "Preppy"

Discover our selection of vintage clothing for women inspired by preppy style: an aesthetic that is both classic and modern. With pieces carefully selected for their timeless elegance and sophisticated allure, our preppy collection embodies the refined spirit of Eastern American college campuses. Opt for crisp blouses, timeless patterned sweaters and chic coats for a look that's both elegant and casual. Whether you want to show off a casual preppy look or a more formal outfit that makes an statement, our vintage made in France preppy collection offers a complete range of clothing to help you create your own style with a modern and elegant touch.

The vintage women's collection "Summer Sun"

Let yourself be sunny with our collection of vintage women's clothing, inspired by the warm rays of summer. Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​bright colors, lightweight fabrics and vibrant patterns that evoke the energy and joy of the summer season. From breezy skirts to sleeveless tops to relaxed shorts, our vintage collection offers a range of pieces designed to keep you comfortably stylish in the summer sun. Whether you're lounging at the beach, strolling around town or dancing under the stars, this vintage selection of clothing will accompany you for unique style throughout your summer adventures.

The vintage women's collection "1980"

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the 1980s with our collection of vintage clothing made in France for women inspired by this bold and lively decade. Rediscover the retro spirit of the 80s with oversized cuts, crazy patterns, exaggerated shoulder pads and bright colors that evoke the energy and audacity of this iconic era. From flashy tops to colorful pants and geometric print dresses, the vintage "1980" collection takes you on a nostalgic journey through time.

The vintage men's selection "1980"

With a Walkman in your ears, immerse yourself in the golden age of the 1980s with our selection of vintage clothing for men. Discover the retro spirit and daring attitude of this iconic decade through a range of unique, authentic pieces that are definitely made in France! From acid wash denim jackets to graphic print sweatshirts to bold shirts, each garment tells a story and captures the dynamic energy of the '80s. Revisit the era of great change and freedom of expression with our collection Vintage men's from the 1980s.

The “classic chic” vintage men’s collection

Discover our exclusive selection of vintage clothing for men, revisiting the timeless classic chic style but always with that made in France touch. Immerse yourself in a world where elegance meets the charm of the past, with pieces carefully chosen for their refinement and distinguished allure. From well-cut suit jackets and elegant shirts to raincoats and silk ties, each vintage garment embodies the essence of classic chic style.

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