Do you want to sell your vintage clothes?

Are your wardrobes overflowing with clothes made in France that you no longer wear? Too big, too small, or maybe simply "too much..." that you can no longer close cabinets and drawers?

Are you exhausted by online clothing resale sites? Between taking photos, the product sheet, answering questions, often waiting a long time before the item is sold, negotiating, preparing the package and sending it. No, it's too much for you!

Phew we are here!

To do this, before coming to the store to drop off your nuggets, you will have three missions:

1- Check that the garment has a “made in France” or “made in France” label. If this information is not provided, we will not take the item back.

2- Check that the garment has no holes, wear marks or stains. A defective garment will not be returned.

3- Wash the garment.

When these three points are perfect (like the clothing), come and drop off jeans, sweaters, polo shirts, shirts and other components of your wardrobe in store! Don't forget an identity document that you will need to present to us since in any consignment operation this is legally obligatory.

Depending on the number of people in the store, a simple and quick procedure is put in place.

When your garment is sold, you will receive by email a voucher worth 50% excluding tax of the sale price which will be spent within three months in the two L'Appartement Français boutiques.


  • T-shirt: €5
  • Shirt & Blouse: €7
  • Sweater & Sweatshirt: €8
  • Chino & Jeans: €8
  • Dress: €8
  • Jacket & Coat: €8
  • Exceptional piece: to be defined

A vintage piece is a garment made before the 2000s.

Second hand

  • T-shirt: €8
  • Shirt & Blouse: €15
  • Sweater & Sweatshirt: €15
  • Chino & Jeans: between €15 and €20
  • Dress : between 15€ and 20€
  • Jacket & Coat: €20
  • Exceptional piece: to be defined

A second-hand item is clothing made after the 2000s.

See you soon