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Demat, Hello, Adiu, Sàlü, Hello!

Like a desire to discover our know-how and products made in France by region? So it’s over here!

We regularly release new products through workshop visits, meetings with local enthusiasts and things well done.

Whether for jeans made in Nancy, an umbrella in Aurillac, a sweatshirt in Hauts de France or a drink in Loiret, you will discover our regions in a new light.

Our selection is rigorous and we ask each partner for the manufacturing stages of each product in order to offer you the best made in France.

Come on, it's time to jump from region to region.


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Discover the know-how and products of each of the French regions. depending on the seasonality and the space we have in our stores, some are better equipped in our selection and we apologize in advance if a region is under-represented. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to distribute certain brands near you.