The Made in France Street

Rue du Made in France is much more than a simple urban artery; it is a symbol of consumer action around local know-how and French traditions. As you walk along rue du Bourg-Tibourg and its surroundings, you will discover a living landscape animated by passionate traders where the shop windows sparkle with unique creations and quality products, all proudly displaying on their fronts the words " Made in France".

You wander around with curiosity, attracted by the diversity of products on offer: clothes made in workshops between Hauts de France and Brittany, through delicious chocolates or candles with a thousand smells, each more wonderful than the last...

Passing through each boutique on Rue du Made in France, come and celebrate locality, authenticity and French know-how.

The merchants, proud guardians of ancestral traditions, work with passion with each brand and will happily share with you all the secrets hidden behind each product. Each piece is the result of meticulous work, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, embodying the timeless values ​​that have made France famous throughout the world.

Beyond its cobblestones, the Rue du Made in France embodies a spirit of innovation, solidarity with local artisans and industries and resilience. Local businesses invest in research and development, creating innovative new products while preserving the traditions and jobs that make our regions rich.

the Rue du Made in France is a place where history mixes with the present, where craftsmanship meets this spirit of the times which turns towards a consumption of “less and better”. It is a vibrant tribute to the diversity, creativity and excellence that characterize “Made in France”, and an invitation to celebrate all the best that our country has to offer.

So why look far when you have everything at hand?

Rue du Made in France is located rue du Bourg-tibourg 75004 Paris at the Hotel-de-ville metro station.

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