Bonpied, marque de chaussettes made in France et solidaire pour femme

Bonpied, brand of socks made in France and supportive for women

BonPied socks for women do good because by purchasing a pair of socks, a pair is offered to a homeless person. So congratulations to you, you have put all the chances on your side to get up on the right foot!

Bonpied socks were born from the experience of Sandrine, a marauder for many years. She noticed that French people donated clothes to associations but not socks (and this is quite normal since after good and loyal service, they end up with holes...). It is therefore in this spirit of solidarity that BonPied was born, to treat yourself with beautiful socks made in France and at the same time offer a pair of socks to a homeless person.

Made in France, in Haute-Vienne, with know-how spanning several generations. The manufacturer is labeled Origine France Garantie and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Jump now with two kind feet, into the selection of BonPied women's socks.

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