Sam et Marguerite

Sam and Marguerite

Sam and Marguerite is the story, a few years ago, of a grandmother named Marguerite who lived in a small isolated village in Brittany.

Her grandchildren, not living in the region, came to visit her as much as possible, but between each visit she experienced a feeling of loneliness, which became more and more present. Marguerite had two passions, sewing and embroidery, which constituted her daily activities.

One day, a young new neighbor, Sam, moved in near her house and noticed that Marguerite spent her time sewing and embroidering, and asked her if she could teach him her passions, something she accepted.

Through this precious profession a friendly relationship was forged, so that Sam and Marguerite quickly became inseparable, and the grandmother found joy and a social life.

The Sam&Marguerite brand was born with these values. Because of this beautiful story, we want each garment to have a story, a soul.

The finishing of the clothes is carried out by retirees with the aim of maintaining social ties with them and providing them with additional retirement income.

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