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Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion

Ethical purchasing guide for a Christmas made in France: why choose local and responsible?

This year again, department stores and renowned brands will offer you a wonderful Christmas in -ique: magical and magical, romantic...

This year again, department stores and renowned brands will offer you a wonderful Christmas in -ique: magical and magical, romantic...

We will take you through the forest, in Scandinavia, in the land of elves or in the heart of a German Christmas market.

On the fronts of most of these shops there will be pretty plastic fir branches covered with synthetic snow.

Well, there's still a catch, and you already know it, their cynical marketing will tell you their most beautiful stories for sometimes astronomical gifts, most often made on the other side of the world by little hands who are not not paid a brick without any climatic consideration... It's really not very chic...

So it's sure, it's practical, downstairs from us, on the corner of the street, we always find an eclectic offer of products in tune with the times (three months, if not less) made in crappy.

Authentic and responsible gifts

Don't panic, this year, even more than other years, let's support and buy locally made gifts, think made in France, let's buy ethically, no fakery, no intoxication, just authentic, quality, best for the planet, made by fairly paid women and men and so good for our territories.

A selection of gifts made in France

A scarf made in France? You will have the choice between several brands made in France: Maison Izard and its wool from the Pyrenees, La Gentle Factory and its recycled wool or even La Française for pep' tones made in Normandy!

A piece of jewelry made in France? It's certain, Bearded Women will catch your eye: fair price, impeccable design and the jewelry is made in Montreuil.

Infusions made in France? Greenma and its organic French plant infusions. Divine, they will warm you in the heart of winter! Don't forget to add the La Rochère glass teapot for an even more intense cocooning experience!

A vase made in France perhaps? Neither one nor two, Lola Mayeras vases have an assertive look and design in fresh colors! Made in the South of France, they will delight the most demanding.

A sweater made in France? OH LAAAA, you will be spoiled for choice! For her or for him, you will certainly have no trouble finding your happiness! Plain sweater, cable, merino wool, mohair, cashmere, Pyrenees wool, and we're not talking about the range of colors! Between Maison Izard, La Française, Tricots JM, Nitto Knitwear, Montlimart, Aatise we assure you the choice of sweater made in France will be difficult!

A board game made in France? To play with family the day after the holidays and ensure a friendly time? We offer Pigeon Pigeon to work on your creativity around fun facts, or a series of bac games, one dedicated to playing with children, the second, spicier, for adults.

Would you like to have some sweets? sweets from the Sophie M brand, tangy to take you back to your childhood, whose box becomes a vintage-looking piggy bank. Or maybe some chocolate, here you go: bars, infusions, or spreads from the brand we love Barre Clandestine which works from the bean to the finished product, these sweet treats that crunch in the teeth!

A bag made in France? Oh yes, you will have the choice between Sassi, the iconic, affordable bag with a workwear look or the graceful Colette from the Valet de Pique brand.

Mittens ? Blanc Bonnet is releasing sublime unisex mittens this year to keep your hands warm in the midst of winter torpor.

A hat made in France? Blanc Bonnet, La Française, Nitto Knitwear and Royalties offer you their hats to keep your thoughts clear and your head warm for the winter! Choose by color, composition or according to the region of production!

Sneakers made in France? We have been falling for Baron Papillon for a long time, sneakers made in Loire-Atlantique with an assertive look. From the classic white bass to the regal Marie-Antoinette, you won't be left indifferent to its unrivaled quality.

A pair of socks made in France? With Royalties and its English inspirations or even Bonpied, where each pair purchased allows us to offer a pair to a homeless person. The icing on the socks is that you can also find Pyrenees wool socks from Maison Izard or the divine toile de Jouy models from Maison Broussaud! You will have the choice between more than 70 pairs of socks, enough to warm your loved ones right down to the tips of their toes!

A candle made in France? You will have the choice between Lutèce Officine with soy wax or with the new La Rochère candles. Chestnuts spread ? Gingerbread ? Fireplace ? Perhaps you will fly into an orchard or into the dunes?

A blanket made in France? We love the throws from Maison Izard made from wool from the Pyrenees. Softness and warmth will be there. It will be the best ally to stay warm.

Support made in France at Christmas too

As you see, offering something magical and ethical, something local, is not contradictory. Let's be pragmatic, let's make fun of all these not very friendly brands who really don't want the best from us.

At L'Appartement Français and also in the collective network of made in France boutiques spread throughout the country you will find something to please your loved ones and those you cherish.

Article written by David.


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