Duralex is a French brand founded in 1945 which revolutionized the world of glassware. Its DNA is born from a desire to produce beautiful and solid products.

Since 1946, Duralex has operated in the same workshop, with the same passion. Its 250 tempered glass artists always work from the heart, using sand from Fontainebleau in particular. Everything is, of course, made in France in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin. Duralex prides itself on being “a bit like the Eiffel Tower of tableware”.

These pieces stamped Origine France Garantie are glasses more French than the baguette. Proof of this is that in the canteen, everyone has to look at their age at the bottom of the glass (the youngest will fill the jug with water!).

Solid as a rock and colored like a rainbow, they draw their secret from a patented process.

So, which models do you choose?

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