When this story begins, in 1806, a visionary entrepreneur purchased a mill and a large piece of land. Frédéric Japy, he is 56 years old. When he died in 1812, the business was passed on to his 3 sons. Japy Frères was born. In 1826 the Fesches-le-Châtel workshops produced the first stamped saucepan in the world (GOME patent).

Japy becomes the second French industrial company under the Second Empire. The 1880s marked the golden age of this company which achieved new successes with the marketing of typewriters, coffee grinders, garden furniture, etc.

After complicated years with the appearance of plastic and the closure of factories in the 70s and 80s, the historic factory remained closed for 2 years. It was former employees who revived it in 1983, initially illegally, then, after agreement from the local authorities, a cooperative was created. We must give a new name to this company which wants to forget its wounds. We want a clear, bright sound. Cristel will then see the light of day.

The work tools are obsolete, orders are plateauing, cash flow is exhausted. Very quickly, the cooperative exhausted its strength. This will be through a strong relationship of trust and exchange between the workers and Bernadette and Paul Dodane that they embark on the adventure to modernize the production tool. They mortgage their house and ask friends to build up the capital of the new SA CRISTEL which Bernadette Dodane will chair. Nothing is won but CRISTEL employees are regaining hope.

In the 90s, Paul Dodane invented the famous removable handle. Practical, fluid and aesthetic, it will allow the brand to be distributed and popular. Gradually, Tableware boutiques and Parisian department stores are welcoming this innovative brand.

Today, Cristel, proud of its know-how, is present in 30 countries, in the kitchens of the greatest starred chefs and soon in your kitchen!

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