Dare to be creative

David Remy: co-founder of L’Appartement Français & communications consultant
David is naturally curious, sensitive and caring.
With his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground, he dares his creativity combined with an operational vision.
Passionate and committed to made in France, he loves the stories hidden behind each object.
He collects ET figurines from 1982 and enjoys taking care of his 40 plants.

With a background in law and political science, David spent nearly 10 years in the e-commerce, digital and branding department of an international cosmetics group.
In 2017, he co-founded L'Appartement Français alongside Emilie.
Today, David supports artisans, merchants, entrepreneurs and brands wishing to be trained and supported in the digital and social media environment.

Her values

Authenticity - Kindness - Commitment

David helps you build your vision and communication strategy
  • Support “With open arms”

“I don’t do it “in your place”, I do it “with you”, I allow autonomy, learning, permission to try, to make mistakes, to start again.”
Through a process of exchange and trust, where pedagogy and skill sharing are the key words.
We co-build your strategy through the subjects of creativity, branding, editorial line, tone of voice, graphic charter, social networks, benchmarking and toolbox.

  • Support “Arm in, arm in”

“You send me your needs, I free up your time to allow you to devote yourself to your primary objectives.”

David intervenes completely independently after understanding your sector of activity, your brand and your products.

Definition of an editorial line, Creation of social media content, animation of your website (creation of product sheets, blog articles, sliders, homepage, etc.), ergonomics and customer experience recommendations, creation of customer service guidelines.