Julia Tisserant

Julia Tisserant

Textile designer and screen printer, Julia gave her name to the brand in 2015 when she decided to set up her artisanal screen printing workshop.

In the heart of the Alsace plain, Julia finds her inspiration during her walks in the forest. For her, the greatest magic is coming across a wild animal.

His drawings are inspired by these impromptu encounters, in the middle of abundant and delicate nature. The patterns are drawn by hand, then finalized on the computer. The workshop offers quality artisanal printing, produced using the manual screen printing technique with a flat frame.

For an ethical approach that respects nature, a point of honor is placed in the choice and provenance of the materials chosen: the unbleached cotton is woven in the Vosges and the inks used for printing are Oeko-Tex certified. Finally, the minimalist packaging is made from recyclable paper.

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