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Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion
Be careful, this store is likely to clash with fast fashion

Shopping differently: The testimony of Charlotte, customer of L’Appartement Français

Charlotte has been a client of L'Appartement Français for two years. Last November we dared to ask him a few questions about his mode of consumption and his relationship to...

Charlotte has been a client of L'Appartement Français for two years. Last November we dared to ask him a few questions about his mode of consumption and his relationship to made in France. We were hoping for a few lines, to present it on our social networks. And then, we received 2 pages, so it seemed natural to us to make it a blog article that could inspire as many people as possible.

1) Why do you consume made in France?
After 20 years spent in the temple of consumption in the United States and a closet full of beautiful things to wear, we returned to France. What was my surprise to see that the clothing choices were not to my taste: not many options, lots of cheap clothes and the "well made" clothes were too expensive considering they were made in " Asia” to name just one person. . .

Where was the quality and well-made clothes that France was known for around the world? Today, only luxury brands still have an “ironic” reputation when we know that some of them do not hesitate to use cheap labor in garages in Italy to claim that they are made in Italy (another country renowned for its fabulous luxurious fashion).

I also think that a few years before moving, I was trapped in a downward spiral: the more I bought, the more I wanted to buy (let's be honest, wearing a brand new outfit is so rewarding).

From releasing a new collection every 2-3 months, it went to every 4-6 weeks! Marketing, loyalty programs were fantastic tools to get my attention. And then I started to be even more hungry for new pieces but for obvious reasons they weren't arriving fast enough. That's when I started to realize that I needed to stop this spending spree and rethink my priorities. In France, the message to consume better is much stronger. Recycling, upcycling, local and eco-responsible production... are everywhere: fashion, furniture, food, travel...

It is also possible to find more stores in France offering such options and more products. For me, returning to France meant starting to consume as much "French" as possible. I think that if I am part of the process maybe one day the balance will be restored: growing the economy without overconsuming less and better.

I am well aware that this will be a very long process, and that many things need to change, but you have to start somewhere. I honestly believe that at this point, consumers are a big part of the equation. French consumption means that the workforce in France will increase again, industries will return. The quality should be better too.

At a time when carbon footprint is an important topic, consuming locally has a huge impact.

I also think that I was nostalgic for a period when we paid more attention to things of better quality, to the use of better raw materials, better ingredients... Today, I want to be proud of our Know-how Do and be proud of what I wear.

So for all these reasons I choose Made in France products as much as possible. I'm not perfect but I do my best and in the 2 years I've been back, I'm happy to say that 98% of the clothes I bought were made in France. And no, I have not returned to a level of consumption that I had before... once again, consume less and better!

2) Why did you choose L’Appartement Français?
During my stay in the United States, I always stayed connected with French know-how through shows such as "Tendance 21", "Version Française" on TV5 Monde and I took note of all the places where I could consume virtuously upon my return to France... So when I moved to Paris, I knew I had to move to "L'Appartement Français". Now, for me, shopping isn't just about acquiring a new piece of something. It must also be an experience. If I don't feel connected to the sales team that greets me, I probably won't make a purchase.

That's when I met Émilie and David. We started to discuss: why I came to the store, how I found it, my experience in the United States and my desire to change the way I consume. Both know every brand they carry inside and out: their history, where the products are made, what they're made of, in some cases the story of how they came to life.

Listening to them is a bottomless well of information. They carefully choose the brands they work with. They will not choose a brand that claims to be made in France because someone has embroidered a pocket that will cost 50% of the labor on a t-shirt made in Bangladesh! Their speech is an education and if, like me, you were already ready to take the plunge to consume better, they will definitely convince you.

If brands made in France are not in store, Emilie and David will not hesitate to exchange their good deals to find them elsewhere. That shows how passionate they are.

In the absence of expensive marketing, we still live in an era where word of mouth is very rooted, so the more we talk about them, the better they will be and the more we will be able to see all these made in France entrepreneurs behind their products eager to revive our industries.

3) What L’Appartement Français products make up your wardrobe?

  • Royalties socks: they are funky, comfortable, with just the right amount of glitter to make me happy!
  • Baron Papillon sneakers: comfortable, a sublime clean design and recognizable thanks to their orange soles.
  • The Marceau and Le Chic Français shirts: they are made of poplin which makes them super comfortable and very pretty. Worn with cufflinks, they are stunning.
  • “Jour de Mistral” jewelry: delicate and very modern, they can be worn every day, plus it’s a tribute to my birthplace, the south.
  • My navy blue bomber jacket from Madame Yvette: I looked for it for a long time and found it at L'Appartement Français! The color is a deep rich navy blue, the fabric (wool with linen lining) makes it super comfortable and perfect for mild weather.

Thank you again Charlotte for taking the time to answer these questions, for delivering your report to fashion, to made in France and to us. Your words touched us a lot.

We are always happy to see your smile in store, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and kindness.

Like Charlotte, you would like to tell your story, send us an email to david(at)

Interview transcribed by David


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