Our advice for washing your linen clothes made in France

Simple and basic, find here our washing instructions to take care of your linen clothes. You'll see, it's not complicated.

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How often should I wash my linen clothes?
Wash your linen pieces as soon as necessary. They can be washed quite frequently even if they do not retain odors.

Also, in order to space out the washes, do not hesitate to air out your garment. A gentle breeze in its fibers is always a lifesaver and will undoubtedly prevent you from putting it in the washing machine too often.

How to wash linen?
Imperative washing at 30 degrees , without fabric softener and don't forget to set your spin to the lowest setting (400 to 600 revolutions maximum).

Never ever use a tumble dryer, give it time to dry flat even if you are in a hurry to put it on! And a little extra advice: remember to hold it by the ends and shake it vigorously 1 or 2 times so that the linen can regain its shape and keep its suppleness.

If you iron it, consider using a steamer or simply the steam from the iron.

To note :
Linen is a thermoregulatory material, it will help keep you warm when temperatures are cooler, and keep you cool when they are higher.

We wish you good adventures with your linen clothes made in France!