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Nature totem - Made in Périgord

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Box of “Hare”, “Owl” and “Wolf” fumigation bouquets

Brand: Totem Nature
Fumigation bouquets made in France, in Périgord.

The Awakening box focuses in particular on the circulation of your energies and your dynamism.

These three bouquets will ensure that you get moving, connect better with others, and be more clairvoyant.

All have in common a smoky, wild air, an extract of nature.

Each bouquet has its unique olfactory signature which will last for several hours in your space.

Alternate according to your desire of the day, letting yourself be guided by your desires, your instinct…

Features :
Organic cotton tie respecting REACH specifications
Size: 16 to 18 cm
Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 6 cm

Shall we introduce you to the hare?
Beneath its appearance as a charming, defenseless cuddly toy, it is one of the fastest animals, capable of reaching speeds of 70 km/h and leaping 2 meters high. King of camouflage, taking on the color of the undergrowth for part of the year, it can transform in winter until it adopts a snow-white coat. Equipped with very keen hearing, it detects everything that happens nearby. Fearful and suspicious, he overcomes fear thanks to his many talents.

The hare represents instinct: it helps us overcome changes and follow our intuition. He teaches that we should not entertain our fears at the risk of seeing them materialize, but, on the contrary, get moving and overcome them.

Shall we introduce you to the owl?
A great hunter, she has keen hearing and particularly developed eyesight. It is capable of seeing and hearing its prey at very great distances, such as moving silently between trees.
Its head, which rotates 270°, gives it the particularity of discerning what others cannot see.
In ancient Greece, the owl was the attribute of Athena.
Symbol of wisdom, knowledge and reflection, it dominates the darkness. His nocturnal habits associate him with death. This death signifies a transition, a change heralding renewal.

This totem encourages us to look beyond misleading appearances to reveal the reality of a situation or a person's motivations.

Shall we introduce you to the wolf?
The wolf is a highly intelligent animal, most often living in packs, with a very organized social system where everyone has their place and keeps it. In groups, wolves work together for the balance of the pack and have a highly developed family instinct.
The senses of smell and hearing are predominant in the wolf, which makes it a totem animal in which intuition and spirituality dominate. It is associated with a wild, independent, rebellious and faithful character.

The wolf spirit animal encourages us to fully live our deep aspirations, guided by our instinctive intelligence, while providing very protective attention to our pack.

Totem Nature's fumigation bouquets are inspired by the traditions practiced by the ancients and come from organic wild pickings and biodynamic crops from Périgord. In a word, the best to burn for a healthy home.

Product information

How to use your fumigation bouquet?
- Open a window to let out the air loaded with impurities
- Light your bouquet using a long match or a lit candle.
- After a flame appears on the bouquet head, blow to extinguish it and let the smoke spread.
- Move gently, smoking bouquet in hand, in your interior space, walk along the walls and linger in the corners where the air is loaded with pollution.
- Finally, place the bouquet on a dish until it goes out on its own under your supervision, or lightly crush the smoking part.

Use it whenever you want, according to your desires or when you feel the need.

Some rules to follow: do not leave the bouquet unattended, do not move over a carpet without holding a bowl underneath. Do not approach flammable products. Keep the bouquet in your hand from start to finish.

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