Brume, marque made in France de lin pour homme

Brume, brand made in France of linen for men

And yes, we like to say it, France is the world's leading producer of linen (with 75% of global production). It grows in the North-West of France.

Discover the excellence of French linen with Brume and its collection of linen clothing, designed and manufactured with care in France. The entire range of men's t-shirts are guaranteed to be 100% French linen grown, scutched, dyed and knitted in France.

T-shirts or Tunisian shirts for men, let's proudly wear clothes made in France which will offer us a unique experience combining the natural beauty of linen with the artisanal quality of our ancestral local know-how.

The founder of Brume, Marion Lacaux, remains faithful to her initial desire to master all stages of linen processing. Which explains in particular the choice not to operate on the imposed rhythm of the collections, but to simply put them on sale once the productions have been completed. Organic linen, French linen, noble material for a timeless and contemporary wardrobe.

So, it’s up to you, opt for linen, a biodegradable natural fiber, for a reduced ecological footprint.

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